Katie Hedrich, LaClare Farms

"The secret to the quality of the cheese is the quality of the milk. The extremely high quality of the goat's milk she uses is the most important ingredient in the cheese."

The Hedrich's know that "Great Milk Makes Great Cheese" and their award-winning cheese consistently confirms their belief. They use only the freshest, highest quality, and most delicious goat milk from healthy does fed on grain and excellent forage. The milk is then tenderly transformed into delicious raw milk semi-soft wheels of cheese.



The LaClare Family Farm is owned and operated by Larry and Clara Hedrich of Chilton, Wisconsin. The farm was established in 1978 when the property and buildings were purchased. Along with the farm came two milking goats, two peacocks and a flock of laying hens, thus our introduction into dairy goats.

They raised dairy goats as a hobby when the children were very young. Then as the children grew, Anna, Greg, Katie, Jessica and Heather reached 4-H age they invested in registered stock and began showing.  As their show herd grew the Hedrich family decided to begin commercial dairy goat milk production.  Katie is the second women to win in her class and is the youngest at age 26.



  • 2011 US Cheese Championship...Best of Show...Grand prize winner.
  • 1st Place at the American Cheese Society Awards in Montreal 2011
  • 2nd place U.S. Cheese Championship Competition 2009
  • 2nd in its class at the American Dairy Goat Association Cheese Championship in New York 2009
  • 6th place in its class at the World Cheese Championship 2010
  • 4th place Wisconsin State Fair Cheese Competition 2010